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 Patron Saints of Meatology

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PostSubject: Patron Saints of Meatology   Mon Mar 10, 2008 10:40 pm

Brendan Behan
An inspiration to fledging drunken authors everywhere who aspire to testing the full potential of their livers. The Borstal Boy was thought to be the one who coined the phrase "Guinness is good for you" after having acquired the job from Guinness of writing a new catchphrase. The huge quantities of beer he was given were gone quickly and all he actually managed to come up with was "Guinness makes you drunk".

Richard Pryor
What can you say about a man who not only inspired every comic from Eddie Murphy to Dave Chapelle but also set himself on fire from smoking crack, had more wives than Bluebeard, and co-wrote Blazing Saddles? Genius.

Johnny Cash

Pioneer of music which country fans love but strangely so do non-country music fans. Rebelled more times than is typically necessary for a musician and eventually turned to Zombie Jew, but hey - nobody's perfect. Wrote some of the best gravelly, drink whiskey and punch random dipshits music this side of hell.

Hunter S. Thompson
Innovator of the Gonzo style of journalism, drinker of everything alcoholic, and even a beatdown by the Hell's Angels couldn't stop him from terrifying everyone and everything around him with his Raoul Duke alter ego. Drank Wild Turkey like babies drink milk he finally shot himself leaving this tidbit with friend and collaborator, Ralph Steadman: "He told me 25 years ago that he would feel real trapped if he didn't know that he could commit suicide at any moment."

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Patron Saints of Meatology
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